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Holiday Gives Back

Community service is especially important here at Holiday Chevrolet Cadillac, and that philosophy starts from the beginning! 

Let me tell you a story, and you’ll understand why…

My dad, Art Hudgins, started in the car business in 1973—but probably not the way you would think.  As a teenager, he began cutting the grass, worked his way up to cleaning the bathrooms, up through the service department and then up front selling cars.  It was a long road, but one he was determined to travel.

People ask him all the time, “How do you relate to your employees so well?” His response is always, “Because I truly care about each of them.” While that is absolutely true, I think the reason he connects so well is because he has stood in each of their shoes at some point in time.

He has tremendous respect for his employees and for the community he has lived in for decades.  He has a soft spot for anyone in need, and it really shows when you see all the great things he does for his community.

– Aris Hudgins

Giving Back to Our Community

Holiday Ain’t No Dummies, we just donate them to our local Fire & Rescue Teams

Vettes for Vets

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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